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Wild wedding guest sets dance floor on fire – literally [watch]

Believe it or not, the best part of a wedding is not watching the couple say “I do”, it’s taking to the dancefloor to break it down after having a drink or two to loosen your limbs. One wedding guest however may have taken this notion a little too far after he got completely plastered, started dancing with a lit sparkler, and then sets a flower arrangement alight before extinguishing it in the most bizarre way ever.

Wedding guest starts fire at wedding and bizarrely dances on

There’s always one person at the wedding who has way more fun than the rest of the guests – especially when there is alcohol involved.

One man named Greg – or Gary – proved this after he got absolutely wasted at an unnamed couple’s reception and even set a pampas grass centerpiece aflame alight while dancing around with a sparkler.

In a clip shared on Twitter, the man can be seen impressing the other guests with his moves while he danced with a woman.

Things quickly went south however when the centerpiece went up in flames. Bizarrely, he managed to extinguish the flames with his arm before getting back to dancing.

Shortly afterward, a woman walks up to him and appears to be scolding him for taking things a little bit too far.

“This is how drunk I’m tryna be at my wedding,” @thomasmightsnap captioned the video shared on 2 July last week.

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Netizens love it

The post went viral as millions of people watched and commented on the clip and the man’s bizarre wedding behaviour. Many of them laughed out loud over how drunk he had gotten.

@kimkatt commented:

“The fact he looked at it and it took him a while to figure out what was going on 😂”

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