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Turn This Hidden Switch On The Washing Machine, All The Dirty Water Flows Out Immediately

Cleaning the washing machine periodically is necessary, but not everyone knows about this ‘hidden switch’ on the washing machine.

A washing machine is an indispensable household appliance in a modern home. With the help of a washing machine, clothes are cleaned more quickly, helping to free up labor and save time.

After a period of use, the washing machine will accumulate a lot of bacteria and dirt. Therefore, you need to clean the washing machine periodically to keep your clothes clean and odor-free.

Cleaning a washing machine seems simple, but not many people do it correctly.

On some washing machines there will be a “hidden switch”, you must turn it on for dirty water to flow out.

This part is usually located in the lower right corner of the washing machine, with a small lid above. You just need to press lightly for the top lid to pop out. This is the location of the washing machine’s sediment filter.

Before opening the sediment filter cover, you should put a rag underneath to prevent residual dirty water from leaking out and dirtying the floor. Remove the filter tube by gently turning it and then pulling it out.

You can use a brush to clean dirt and detergent residue from the filter.

Check the filter compartment in the washing machine and use a damp cloth to wipe it before inserting the filter back into the machine.

Normally, the filter design at the bottom of the machine body will be for front-loading washing machines. For top-loading washing machines, the sediment filter will be designed in the form of a bag or plastic tray located right in the washing drum. You just need to remove this part to clean it.

You should clean the washing machine’s dirt filter at least every 3 months to ensure the filter is always clean.

Simple way to clean washing machine

For modern machines, you can easily choose the machine’s self-cleaning mode. Just select this mode, the machine will automatically adjust the amount of water, temperature and time to clean the washing drum. To increase efficiency, you can use commercially available washing drum cleaning tablets/powder.

If the machine does not have this mode, you can choose a regular laundry cycle (but do not put clothes in the machine). Use commercially available drum cleaning tablets/powder or replace with vinegar to clean the washing drum. You can choose hot water mode (if available) to increase the efficiency of cleaning the washing drum.

When cleaning the washing drum, you also need to pay attention to the rubber gasket on the washing machine door (for front-load washing surfaces). Clean this part to ensure all dirt is removed.

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