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6 repellent plants that keep rats and mice away from home.

It’s always a worry when you have mice in your home, or spot a rat in the backyard, and it’s so important to tackle pest problems as soon as possible.

Learning how to get rid of mice or how to get rid of rats can be a challenging, frustrating and often, expensive task. But, there is a more simple, hassle-free solution to your pest control woes: plants!

Quickly find out which herbs are the most recommended for protecting your home and repelling these undesirable rodents.

Which herbs will help repel mice and rats?


As aromatic as it is ornamental, tansy is every gardener’s ally. Both fungicidal and insecticidal, this hardy plant is very useful in vegetable gardens. You can even distribute a few fresh bunches of inflorescences in the cupboards and pantries of the house to scare away all kinds of insects.

Its flowers are very fragrant and will repel rodents such as mice as well as small pests such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, fleas and other insects. The advantage is that it is undemanding and requires almost no maintenance. A little fertiliser every two weeks and a little watering in case of drought or too much heat. In decoction or infusion, it is very effective for protecting the garden!


In villages, this plant is often grown along plots and buildings where seeds are stored. Elderberry roots emit a powerful poison and the flowers exude quite a strong scent. This natural insecticide will repel rats, mice, moles, voles and voles.

Thanks to the sambucin it contains, elder manure gives off a particularly unpleasant smell to the rodents that degrade orchards. This method is very popular in the agricultural world to get rid of undesirables without attacking the plants. Just use it pure or dilute it in equal parts with water.


Wormwood has insecticidal and insect repellent properties that are very effective against rodent invasion. Like elderberry, it can be planted near your garden, hung on fruit trees or placed in mice’s favourite spots. This perennial plant is also very useful for repelling ants, caterpillars, flies, moths, beetles… A decoction of wormwood is good for spraying wherever there are rodents. Inside the house, you can fill a few sachets of dried buds to put in cupboards to catch moths.


We love a good mint tea. Its aroma is delicately heady and soothing. However, unlike us, rats hate the smell! This aromatic plant repels not only rodents, but also insects. In addition, to scare them away, plant mint plants in the garden, a few bushes around the perimeter of the house, and you will no longer have to worry about the presence of these pests!

In infusion, mint also protects the garden against bugs, aphids, beetles and other insects. Ideally, keep planting it in a pot in front of a window to keep flies, ants and spiders away. Also keep a few bunches in the house or in the cellar: you’ll benefit from a nice fresh smell while chasing away undesirables.


For expelling rats and mice, chamomile is also a formidable remedy! Its delicate white flowers evoke a beautiful romantic mood, while rodents are terrified of them. Especially if you hang dried bunches in corners. Their smell will be perfectly repulsive, enough to dislodge all these scroungers. If you sprinkle a little chamomile on the usual course of these pests, they will surely turn around!

The smell of chamomile will be repulsive to humans.

Cynoglossum officinale

Cynoglosse is also called “rat-dog” because of its properties to discourage all rodents. They cannot stand the smell of this plant and try to get away from it as quickly as possible. And this, either fresh or dried.

Pour boiling water over the branches and spread them in different places. If you find a hole, also insert a small rat trap. You can also plant blackroot near trees and outbuildings. To completely secure your land, 25 plants should be planted for 2400 m2. The decoction of a “rat-dog” is quite poisonous, so it is ideal for repelling rodents. But use it with great caution, as it is also dangerous for humans.

Any tips on how to fight these rodents?

Biodiversity is always more favourable than extreme methods. Some predators such as cats are very fond of rodents, so don’t hesitate to adopt a cat to chase away these parasites!

Always remember to clean the soil around your crops: the soil must be tamped down and the grass well cut.

Avoid mulching your crops. Rodents tend to camouflage themselves under the mulch which becomes a considerable refuge.

Protect your fruit trees by installing a kind of netting around the trunk that will act as a barrier against rodents. And remember to surround your plantings with hedges.

Around the areas to be protected, scatter ashes, crushed garlic cloves, mint leaves, etc.

To drive rodents out of your home once and for all, herbs should be applied systematically. Refresh houseplants once a week. Did you know about these properties of herbs?

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