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Bonang the singer? Star reveals she recorded a ‘R&B hit’ [watch]

Bonang Matheba has many feathers in her cap: TV and radio media personality, entrepreneur, author, fashion model, reality TV show star, philanthropist….the list goes on…

But “singer” is something many fans – including the B-Force – was not something we anticipated to be on B’s resume.

To our surprise, B revealed that she actually had recorded a “banger” song with the help of close friend Bongani Fassie.

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After a clip of fellow Live AMP co-hot Sizwe Dhlomo belting out a love song had tweeps swooning, Bonang revealed that she too was an avid singer.

She posted in a series of tweets:

“…I once recorded an R&B HIT with Bongani Fassie… I wonder if he still has it!”

“A JAM! We played it all the time!”

“I spent all my time with Les & Bongz. Twas bound to happen”


When Bongani Fassie revealed that he did not have the track on hand and invited her to rerecord it, Bonang replied: “No! Another banger?! The pressure”.

Bonang eventually resigned to the fact that she was not a singer.

She added: “Unfortunately my hit song is no more! A sad day indeed. Askies guys… I’m not a musician, so maybe this is good!”

…unfortunately my hit song is no more! 😭 a sad day indeed. Askies guys… I’m not a musician, so maybe this is good! 😭😂😂😂

— Bonang Matheba 👑 (@Bonang) July 3, 2022


But whilst many fans are skeptical if Bonang can indeed sing, there are clips of her playfully belting out some notes in clips posted on Twitter.

But is it proof that she can sing? Watch and decide for yourself…

Because today is Adele’s birthday (and because we stan a queen of many talents) here’s a video of @bonang_m singing ‘Million Years Ago’. 👑 🎶 🎤

— BForce – Bonang Fans (@The_BForce) May 5, 2020

Happy Birthday @tokstarr 🍰🎂🥂🎊🎁🎉🎈🎀

Hope you’ve been having a fabulous time 💃🕺💃🕺

Wishing you many, many more and a blessed year ahead 🤗😘😊

@bonang_m singing for Toke last night 😉👸😅🧡


— Bonang M’s World (@QueenBs_World) November 3, 2019

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