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Watch! Reason Gets A New Whip For His 35th Birthday

Watch! Reason Gets A New Whip For His 35th Birthday. Many rappers find it difficult to resist composing a song about cars. Rappers that are successful in SA hip hop adore nothing more than flaunting their wealth by driving super-expensive vehicles, but they are by no means the only ones.

Watch! Reason Gets A New Whip For His 35th Birthday

Reason has surfaced as one of the SA rappers to be ballin’ in a shiny new whip in celebration of his birthday. Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared videos and images of him receiving a new VW GTI. Reson gave a shout-out to Warner Music Africa for remembering him on his birthday with a brand new car. “2000 ela zalwa ngo87. Here’s to more life… and more rides 😁 Shout to @warnermusicafrica@kumbiraim for the birthday gift” 😭😭😭😭 Reason Wrote.

The rapper has been enjoying a good spell under Warner Music Africa despite the criticism he got for committing to the record label. On the flip side, Reason has revealed how he has been struggling with the brand name “Reason.”

The rapper revealed that he has been struggling to reach 1 million views and he has to go back to the drawing board hence he chose to be Sizwe Alakine. “At some point, there was a need or a feeling to kinda like step away from the brand because the brand wasn’t doing well,” he said.

“The shows were not moving, I think if you even go to YouTube you can look at any ‘Reason’ video there is none that ever hit 1 million,” Reason revealed. Here is to more successful years Reason!

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