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The return of the ‘Gimp Man’: Creepy figure in latex suit terrorises villagers

In 2018, a man in a latex suit dubbed the “Gimp Man”, was spotted spying on villagers in Claverham in the United Kingdom (UK) which left them fearing for their life. 

The following year, the man was spotted spying on a couple through their window. According to Metro, the mysterious man — dressed from head to toe in latex — is back, giving a 19-year-old teaching assistant and her boyfriend the fright of their lives in the early hours of Sunday 26 June. 

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According to the BBC, the mysterious Gimp Man charged at a woman in the Claverham village on 1 September 2021, but when police officers were notified, they were “unable to locate the man”. 

The woman said her children were “really freaked out” by the mysterious man. 

“It could be anyone and I want to come from a practical point of view and do something to help people feel safer,” she said. 

At the time, a group was set up to keep the Claverham village safe, but the mysterious man in latex disappeared…until recently…


Metro reports that on 26 June, the Gimp Man approached Kiera Elston and her boyfriend while they were walking home at 01:00. According to the publication, the man walked towards them with his arms outstretched. 

Elston described it as “the most terrifying experience of her life”. 

“By the time we saw him, he was very close and my boyfriend just told me to run,” she added. 

“I’ve got the image in my head of him walking towards me and staring. I dread to think what would have happened if I’d been on my own. I’m still really shaken up by it,” said the 19-year-old. 

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After Gimp Man was spotted by Kiera and her boyfriend, police searched for the mysterious man, but their search was unsuccessful. 

Steve Elston, Kiera’s father said he was “on the hunt” for Gimp Man himself.

“She contacted the police who didn’t even come round to take a statement. So I’ll be on the hunt for him myself,” he said. 


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