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One SA Movement leader believes President Ramaphosa should resign to restore confidence in SA

One South Africa Movement leader Mmusi Maimane says President Cyril Ramaphosa must immediately heed mounting calls for him to resign to restore confidence in South Africans that government is serious about fighting against crimes such as state capture.

Maimane says Ramaphosa should follow in the footsteps of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who resigned as leader of the Conservative Party last week.

There are also calls for Ramaphosa to step aside as African National Congress (ANC) president following the alleged theft cover-up at his Phala Phala farm in Limpopo.

Maimane says electoral laws should be amended as South Africans struggle to hold Ramaphosa accountable.

“The principle of state capture remains intact. So, I would argue by not removing proportional representation in its entirety is in fact ensuring that it is 200-100. And so the 100 components would ensure that there is planning and a vision that goes forward to ensure that the bureaucrats can never be captured. If we fail to do that…we will have state capture, it may be in another colour or in multiple colours.”

‘For sake of stability’  

Last week, African National Congress (ANC) veteran Mavuso Msimang called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to immediately step aside pending investigations into the 2020 robbery at his Phala-Phala.

Msimang said it is advisable for Ramaphosa to step down for sake of the stability of the ANC and the country.

“If the public is not satisfied with what he says, I think the good thing for the sake of the country and for his own sake would be to say, while this investigation takes place I will step aside as long as there is a lack of satisfaction about the answers that he has given.”

“He really owes it to both the ANC and the country to step aside and allow this thing to be fully investigated. How long it takes of course can’t be determined by himself, which is why there will be a need to consult his colleagues who should step in while he has stepped out,” Msimang explained.

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