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Boity Speaks On Releasing New Music Following A Lengthy Hiatus

Boity Speaks On Releasing New Music Following A Lengthy Hiatus. Following the rampant inclusion of lockdown and movement restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Boity decided to take a break from music after her massive debut in 2018.

Boity Speaks On Releasing New Music Following A Lengthy Hiatus

According to TshisaLIVE Boity has revealed that she has been working on a new project and she is now ready to present it to the fans. As she revealed that she will be taking more gigs, the rapper alluded to the fact that she has received several requests from her following regarding when she will return to releasing music.

“I’ve been gigging … not as much as I should be, but I think I’ve taken a step back because I’ve really want to work on a project and I’m ready to present new work, new material to my followers because they are like ‘we want more music’. And I know and I’m just like ‘oh God when I get there I will’ and I think that’s when I will start taking more gigs again properly and start reflourishing my music career.” Boity said, as per TshisaLIVE.

Boity has also made it plain that her extended hiatus from the music industry is acceptable given that it is not her primary source of income as it is for other rappers. The Wuz Dat hitmaker said that although rapping is her speciality, the fact that she joined the industry as a diversified person will continue to be a part of her identity.

“It was intentional (the break) because even when I started doing music I didn’t do it with the intention of it being the one thing I’m gonna do for most people. It’s their thing — it’s like their bread and butter. For me, this is my thing and people love it but I entered it already being an entrepreneur and already being a multifaceted person. So I’m still treating it that way and that’s just works for me so I’m returning to it now.” Boity said.

During her long break from music, Boity has been focusing more on her business and securing partnership deals around the world. The rapper recently announced her partnership with the Paris perfume brand. “I was treated to an insightful session learning about the history of IFF, their exceptional process of perfume making and our amazing partnership that I cannot wait to see blossom,” Boity said upon announcing her deal with IFF.

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