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NOTA’s Mother Calls Him Out Following His Comments On Black Women

NOTA’s Mother Calls Him Out Following His Comments On Black Women. NOTA has been topping the trends following his remarks on black women. The comments he made on Nkululeko N Cultr Podcast on Mihlali led to an outrage on social media.

NOTA’s Mother Calls Him Out Following His Comments On Black Women

Not only did he receive backlashes from social media, but the music executive has been called out by his mother. The flamboyant self-declared father of hip-hop confessed that his mother confronted him and advised him to tone down his vocabulary when speaking to women.

NOTA took to Twitter and shared a WhatsApp conversation with his mother. Speaking to her son on WhatsApp, Nota’s mother said,

“Hi, Nhlamu. How are you?

“Day before, we were watching your presentation with Nkululeko, but we didn’t finish.

“My child words that were not pleasant when expressing prostitution of someone. Calling prostitute sound as civilised than the word used.

“Try nwananga to avoid using vulgar language it loses credibility. You are intelligent, smart and educated. Love you so much. Have a blessed day.”

However, Nota doesn’t seem to have paid attention to what his mother said. He claimed that since no one else would speak up, he must.

“Mama, these are the words you use… The media are turning young women into prostitutes; even their mothers support this prostitution.

“This is the kind of thing Gugu is being brainwashed by; what kind of daughter swears at her loving mother inlaw?

“One possessed by the devil. There’s no other way to put it. Mihlali’s mother has no problem accepting gifts from her daughter’s prostitution.

“Some mothers are evil enough to sell their daughters into prostitution & if I don’t speak out, no one will.

“If I don’t confront this evil, then I will have failed God. Love you too, have a great day!”

NOTA went on and shared his views towards the conversation with his mother. The music mogul expressed that it’s a shame that we have lost family values taking from his mother’s remarks.

“Explaining the state of the nation to my mother. She has no idea that young black women today have “Instagram Kardashian” values, as @therealLEBO_M.

“Put it. We need to call a spade a spade & a prostitute a prostitute… Doomed, we’ve lost our family values!.” Tweeted NOTA.

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