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DIY Recipes: How to make Dawadawa

Locust beans when boiled and fermented is popularly called Dawadawa.

Dawadawa is, arguably one of Ghana’s best seasonings. It is used for preparing soups and stews.

African locust bean seed (Dawadawa seed)

Put locust beans (Dawadawa) seeds and pulp into a mortar and pound/crush with a pestle. This is done to separate the seeds from their covering. Then dry the seeds in the sun for a day.

Remove any chaff that may be mixed with the dawadawa seeds. Put the seeds in a saucepan, add water and boil for some time. This will make the seed soft so that you can separate the seed coat from the seed.

Add wood ash and pound again for some time and dry the seeds in the sun. Sift the dawadawa seeds again to get rid of the seed coat. Then wash seeds again to remove any wood ash left.

Boil seeds again for two hours, drain the water and put them in a fabric bag and then squeeze away excess water from it.

Leave seeds for about 3 days until it becomes fermented completely, then you can mould it into small balls and use them at your convenient time.


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