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NOTA Expresses Why He Opposes Being Described As A “Misunderstood” Person

NOTA Expresses Why He Opposes Being Described As A “Misunderstood” Person. NOTA has gained popularity on social media as a result of his divisive views on a variety of issues. The music mogul has claimed to be an advocate against girl child abuse and many other issues on artist manipulation in the music industry. For that reason some of his views have been said to have been misrepresented.

NOTA Expresses Why He Opposes Being Described As A “Misunderstood” Person

NOTA has stated on Twitter that he does not like being labelled as a misunderstood individual. Baloyi boasted that he is a threat to many people, revealing that they are who people are after distorting his image. “I don’t appreciate being called misunderstood.

I’ve never been misunderstood. I’m a threat to people with impure intentions, so they try to manipulate my image. The worst people tell lies about me which all come undone when people meet me… I have a heart of GOLD & they hate that!” NOTA tweeted.

During the ESAM Podcast, Kid X admitted that NOTA is misunderstood, and he feels sad about it because it’s not fun being misunderstood. “For me, I say it’s sad simply because you can imagine the toll that it takes on him in as much as he might put up a front and make it seem like we’re still f**cking, but dawg it’s not fun being misunderstood. It becomes frustrating where you feel like, does anyone actually get it or am I actually crazy?” Kid X said.

He added; “He is misunderstood and that’s simply because he plays outside of the boarders of the systems that are in place, he says forget that system im moving in my own way which is commendable.” Kid X has worked with NOTA for quite some time in the game and he has appreciated the work he has done for him.

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