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‘Mummy G.O’ Slams Christians Who Watch BBNaija

Controversial Nigerian evangelist, Funmilayo Adebayo popularly known as Mummy GO, has criticised Christians watching the popular Nigerian reality television show, BBNaija.

In a viral video she was seen preaching to her followers stating reasons for them to shun the show, calling Christians who view the shows ‘bastard’.

Giving her interpretation of the show’s logo during a sermon, the preacher said, “This is the logo of Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija). For a child of God to be watching this demonic programme, you are nothing but a bastard.”

She further lashed out at pastors whose congregants watch the show also calling them bastards.

“And you’re not only the bastard, but your pastor is also a bastard… because this logo represents the eyes of Orion, which is one of the archangels that fell fighting God… anti-God,” the preacher said.

The controversial evangelist became a social media sensation after snippets of her preachings trended on the Nigerian digital space earlier this year.

In an interview, Mummy G.O, claimed that some of the videos which circulated online were doctored saying, ‘even the Lucifer won’t say those things .’

“I’ve seen those videos but I didn’t feel bad because some of those posting these things are my enemies. 90 per cent of them are just catching fun on social media and jumping on trends. They don’t know me.

“Many don’t know the scandalous reasons why it started. In Nigeria, stress is too much for the youth. People need what will make them laugh. Some didn’t even know I exist. I didn’t say those things. Most of the videos are edited.

“Even Lucifer won’t say those things if he were to become pastor not to talk of a preacher. Those doing it started eight years ago. They first used magazines but started sending armed people to pursue me when it didn’t work,” she said.


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