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Key factors that confirm your man lacks emotional intelligence

By Njeri Wambui, K24 Digital On Mon, 11 Jul, 2022 09:00 | 3 mins read

Finding a simple way to define emotional intelligence may just be put as when and how to apply maturity. It is the art of being aware and managing your emotions, being sensitive to others’ feelings and the impact of your activity on them.

Even with maturity involved, there is some personality aspect to consider when handling an emotionally intelligent person, but maturity is the most significant influencer of a person’s personality.

Measuring the success of any relationship or business is also highly dependent on emotional intelligence. This is why you must know the importance of developing your emotional intelligence. 

As an individual, you will never be able to control how your life must go if you cannot function with emotional intelligence to rescue the self from the effects of deep emotion.

If you focus on working on your emotional intelligence, you can regulate and manage your emotions while recognizing emotions in others. You gain a deeper understanding of who you are, enabling you to communicate better with others and build stronger relationships.

You can work on your intelligence very simply; it starts with learning how to listen to your feelings. While it may not always be easy, developing the ability to work on your own emotions is the first and perhaps most crucial step. 

So, do you think your partner has emotional intelligence? Below are a few examples that confirm where they fall:

Argues over the slightest things

Many times, life throws lemons at us from time to time, don’t we? Sometimes it’s health issues, relationship troubles, career issues, financial constraints, etc. and we have to maneuver through life regardless. 

If your partner does not understand, it’s better to lose an argument (unless he is a lawyer), then he lacks EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to handle situations best.

He’s not Self-aware

Was there a moment that you realized your man wasn’t quite aware of what they felt and why? Then, chances are they lack emotional intelligence. Managing your emotions becomes easier once you become more conscious of how you react to them. This can easily be handled if someone is self-aware.

He Does Not Gracefully Accept Defeat

A high EQ person is sure to let go and accept the situation as it is happily. If your man does not handle defeat easily, you know where he falls. Of course, you need to factor in his personality type because he could still accept defeat, but it does not guarantee he is emotionally intelligent.

 Lacks Empathy

A high EQ person is comfortable walking in someone else’s shoe. You will crave understanding others quickly. And know the difference between sympathy and empathy.

If you are not empathetic, you tend to magnify issues and think that adversity or failure in one area of life is all-encompassing. You forget to remain grateful and share feelings with those going through a hard time.

Acts instead of React

As a man with great EQ, you should take responsibility for your actions, usually positively and gratefully. Your man should be a “non-complainers and non-blamer.”

Lacks Self-Control 

Many times we’re quick to find excuses or avoid taking ownership for our actions. Suppose you are good at managing their emotions before they burst like a volcano. They understand human emotions are extreme and cannot be neglected, and thus, they handle them swiftly.

Emotional intelligence is neither positive nor negative, but it can facilitate interpersonal behaviors for achieving goals.


Content contributor at AFAL [African Alert]. Kevin is a passionate copywriter who is searching for fresh content every day.

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