Japan’s KDDI Mobile Service Criticized After 86-Hour Failure Last Weekend

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Japan’s KDDI Mobile Service Criticized After 86-Hour Failure Last Weekend (japantoday.com)

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Earlier this week, long-time Slashdot reader ThinkPad760 wrote: How is this not news everywhere?

KDDI, Japan’s 2nd largest mobile phone provider and carrier to multiple critical government agencies — including the weather service — failed for 86 hours. After failing to inform users and the government about the problems, questions are starting to be asked.

Japan’s government “will set up an expert panel to compile measures to prevent a recurrence,” reports Japan Today, citing Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Minister. The network failure occurred when a router for voice calls was replaced during regular maintenance, with repair work triggering a concentration of traffic that led the company to reduce user access. During that time, the carrier experienced a cascade of technical problems that further prolonged the connection difficultie

40 million users were affected by the outage, Reuters reports — adding that it’s not the first time for something like this: Japan’s three big telcos have all had widespread network failures in recent years. NTT Docomo’s [29-hour] outage last October affected 12.9 customers, while disruption to SoftBank Corp’s network in late 2018 cast a shadow over its bumper public listing.

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