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How to establish a connection with your domestic worker

Creating a positive work relationship with your domestic worker should be your priority as an employer.

This will oftentimes create a healthy bond between you and motivate them to put extra effort into their work.

In the 21st century, there have been endless programs fostered to provide corporate training on promoting human connections in the workplace due to its important impact on the business.

The same should be adopted for domestic workers who include; housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, or security.

Photo used for representational purposes.
Photo used for representational purposes.

Here are a few approaches to better our relationships with domestic workers

Give clear instructions and guidelines

At the beginning of their contract, ensure you share with them clear instructions of what is expected of them.

Avoid assumptions. Effective communication is key to ensuring smooth operations.

Also, for better outcomes, allow them to share their thoughts because this directly involves their area of work.

This works best when you involve them in their areas of operations. In most cases, people respond better to changes when they are involved directly.

Be approachable

Cultivating open communication lines with your workers is key to developing a thriving working environment.

Being approachable ensures there is no suspicion and tension which consequently impacts positively on the quality of work done.

Also, when needed be available and ready to hear them out.

Reward & motivate them

This entails time off, bonuses, and even a salary raise.

Rewarding your employee motivates them to work extra hard and also shows that you appreciate and recognize them.

A reward can be based on performances and can be monetary or non-monetary.

Be positive and kind

Your employer becomes part of your home and being kind to them will gesture that you trust them and this will consequently build their confidence.

Workers are vulnerable and can be affected by comments therefore choosing positive words will always have a positive effect on your domestic worker.

At the same time, it will nature healthy boundaries between you and ensure respect is also extended on both ends.

When your housekeeper is comfortable, they are able to easily communicate with you and can raise work-related issues with you for the better of your home.

Choose the best conflict management techniques

Mistakes are bound to happen and how you handle them determines the outcome.

As an employer, you should always choose an appropriate mechanism to solve disputes and correct your workers to avoid more conflicts.

Pick the best time to speak with your domestic worker, preferably a one-to-one conversation and invite them to share their opinions too.

Also, take to account the major differences between you two and find a middle ground where you can connect with them positively.



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