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Fifth Digital China Summit opens with exhibitors pitching e-solutions for digital development

The 5th Digital China Summit kicked off in Fujian Province, east of China, on Saturday, where exhibitors will be pitching their digital solutions and products to showcase the innovations available to the country to boost its digital development.

Held in Fujian’s provincial capital of Fuzhou, the event will stage a series of seminars, exhibitions and innovation competitions, providing digital fans good opportunities to know about the latest development of China’s digital industry.

Events including a digital product expo, innovation competition and policy launching conference have been organized as part of activities of the 5th #DigitalChina Summit to display the digitalization-led achievements in policy-making, governance and economic development. #Fujian

— Discover Fujian (@LoveFujian) July 23, 2022

Liu Qian, director and senior vice-president of Glodon Company Limited which is participating in the exhibition says “We use City Information Modelling to form the base of a digital city. I will also give a speech on the topic this afternoon. The second is a white paper on digital housing and construction,”

Deng Ziwei, deputy general manager of the Department of Planning, Science and Technology for China Electronics Corporation said, “We released our new Process Knowledge System (PKS) 3.0 computing architecture, and then we launched a series of new products based on the PKS system. Our main computing products are being used by more industries, including digital finance, digital government, digital health care, and digital energy.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the idea of building a “digital Fujian” in 2000 when he served as a provincial official in the province. Over the past two decades, the pioneering idea has become a reality.

In the past five years, China’s digital economy has grown from 27 trillion yuan (about 3.99 trillion U.S. dollars) to more than 45 trillion yuan (about 6.66 trillion U.S. dollars). The country’s digital economy accounted for almost 40% of the total gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

AD: The 5th #Digital China Summit will be held in Fuzhou in Fujian, China from July 23 to 24, with the theme of “#Innovation-driven New Transformation, #Digitalization-led New Paradigm.”

— Zhang Meifang张美芳 (@CGMeifangZhang) July 22, 2022

In an article published in January 2022, President Xi charted the direction of China’s digital development, calling for a deep integration of the digital technology with the real economy, empowering the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and nurturing new industries and business models.

“We have built the world’s largest fibre-optic and mobile broadband network, covering more than 400 million households. We have also built 1.8 million 5G base stations and nurtured more than 150 industrial internet platforms, connecting more than 79 million industrial devices,” deputy minister of Industry and Information Technology in China, Xu Xiaolan.

The two-day summit which is sponsored by the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the government of east China’s Fujian Province, will conclude on Sunday.

AD: The 5th #Digital China Summit will be held in Fuzhou in Fujian, China from July 23 to 24, with the theme of “#Innovation-driven New Transformation, #Digitalization-led New Paradigm.”

— Zhang Meifang张美芳 (@CGMeifangZhang) July 22, 2022


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