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“Fame is a drug,” MacG Shares Opinion Towards NOTA’s Social Media Rants

“Fame is a drug,” MacG Shares Opinion Towards NOTA’s Social Media Rants. This week has been a real struggle for NOTA because of the love-hate comments that have been directed at him on social media. This came after the comments he made toward Mihlali after he expressed that he doesn’t find the influencer appealing.

“Fame is a drug,” MacG Shares Opinion Towards NOTA’s Social Media Rants

NOTA then stated that she is for sale. So, anyone can kill her if they wanted to as he compares her to a dog. “Imagine… There are some guys who think that Mihlali is attractive and all I think is ningamuthenga (I could buy her). And they don’t understand that if Mihlali is for sale, that means she’s an object, which means that you can kill her if you want to… It’s like buying a dog.. You can put it down,” he said.

Following NOTA’s behaviour on social media and the comments he made on podcasts, MacG went on and shared his opinion towards the music executive’s behaviour. According to MacG, NOTA’s behaviour on social media is being driven by fame. MacG also claimed responsibility, blaming his Podcast for NOTA’s careless behaviour.

I think we have Podcast And Chill to blame for what NOTA has become,” MacG said. “You see the thing called fame is a drug, here you have a guy NOTA who’s made people famous before but has never had the taste of fame.” He added; “So he comes on this platform and you know what happens when you come on this platform, literally overnight you a sensation”, MacG expressed.

MacG went on to state that since NOTA was on his podcast, he has gone on a rampage to utter useless things in order to maintain the notoriety he gained from Podcast And Chill. “So I had him on my podcast and he’s never had that much intersection or eyeballs on him and that’s a drug my dawg,” he said.

Since then, he’s always trying to get to that high by saying outlandish things and saying sh**t for the sake of saying Sh**t, like clout chasing,” MacG explained.

MacG’s remarks did not please one of the chillers who went on and condemned the comments at the same time withdrawing their subscription from the channel. NOTA took a screenshot of the comment and responded on his Instagram page responding to what MacG said with bible verses. “It’s just banter until you start losing Subscribers,” NOTA wrote.


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