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Children celebrate Mandela Day at Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town

Former South African President Nelson Mandela looks on as he celebrates his birthday at his house in Qunu, Eastern Cape, in this July 18, 2012 picture.

Young people from across the greater Cape Town area were brought together on Mandela Day at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town.

As part of an initiative by the NGO, Balls not Guns, children were taught about their heritage, but also had a fun day away from the daily stresses of gangsterism and violence.

Playing soccer games in the courtyard of the oldest Western structure in the country, the children found joy in a place that stood as a symbol of oppression.

Children celebrate Mandela Day in Cape Town:

Various other events have been held at several locations across Cape Town to mark Nelson Mandela Day.

Several NGOs have used the day to gather food parcels, which will be distributed to the needy.

One organisation also aimed to break a world record for the most food cans making up a mosaic of Mandela:


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