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Zola 7 Speaks On Making A Return To Music

Zola 7 Speaks On Making A Return To Music. One South African musician who has experienced challenges that have hampered his musical career is Zola 7. But as it stands, the rapper seems geared up to make a return to resurrect his music career.

Zola 7 Speaks On Making A Return To Music

Taking to social media, Zola expressed that he is now ready to work as he shared an image of himself holding a silver pendant featuring his iconic number 7. “He has risen! I feel brand new, now let’s work.” Tweeted Zola 7.

Zola 7 has been going through financial difficulties and he made Mzansi chip in to assist him and his banking details were shared on his social media platforms. The rapper also received a pleasant visit from the popular Mamkize as she also gave him a financial hand but the amount was not made public.

Zola 7 also posted on Facebook that the warm support he had received from his fans all over Mzansi had left him feeling honoured. “I’ve received hundreds of texts asking for my banking details. I see I’m trending on Twitter and plenty of people are offering financial assistance as gratitude. I’ve never expected anything in return for the help I’ve given people in need, but this is truly humbling.” Zola wrote.

In an interview with MacG, the rapper claimed that his music career has been under attack by the people at his former record label. “I ended up in court at some time with this boy who by the way turned out to be working with Lance with one of my baby mamas,” he said.

The rapper responded to how his baby mother was attempting to harm him by saying; “uLance was paying them to (speak ill of me) because I had left the record company.”


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