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“You’re a coward,” Slik Talk Fires Shots At NOTA Over Berita Divorce

“You’re a coward,” Slik Talk Fires Shots At NOTA Over Berita Divorce. NOTA and his wife Berita have recently been the most talked-about people on the social media timeline. This came after Berita revealed that she is no longer NOTA’s wife and she left her home marital home on 13 January 2022.

“You’re a coward,” Slik Talk Fires Shots At NOTA Over Berita Divorce

Berita further mentioned in a Twitter thread that she left NOTA because she feared for her life as her safety was a huge concern. “I have been quiet because my safety has been a huge concern. This man is extremely irresponsible, reckless and unruly. He simply does not listen to anyone. I do not condone his actions. I cannot even begin to count the numerous times he has erred in his speech,” she wrote.

Motormouth YouTuber Slik Talk took to his YouTube channel and weighed in on Berita divorcing NOTA. The talky YouTuber labelled Baloyi a coward because of how he has been treating his wife after she revealed that she has been fearing for her life.

I don’t give a damn if you speak your mind, you’re an honest person, you tell and you speak your truth, but when your own wife said she was fearing for her life and she decided to divorce you for her own safety I cannot respect that at all, he said.

Slik Talk continued to criticize NOTA’s actions because his own wife was in danger of losing her life. The chatty YouTuber also hinted that he will stop communicating with NOTA as a result of his treatment of Berita.

“In my opinion, you are a coward I will have no communication with a coward when your wife from your household said she feared for her life,” Slik Talk said. Slik Talk went on to state unequivocally that NOTA is mentally ill in response to music executive criticism at Sol Phenduka for accepting the job offer at Kaya FM.

I knew NOTA there was something wrong with him mentally, when he was going off at Sol and he was like I knew Sol couldn’t be trusted and I was testing him in the beginning,” Slik Talk said. This is not the first time Slik Talk has fired shots at NOTA.

During the build-up to his boxing match with Cassper, Slik Talk announced that NOTA will no longer represent him. “So, I just made a quick decision, Nota is out the f*g fight. I just decided he’s not gonna be necessary for this fight. I think he’s gonna make things about himself and that’s what we don’t need,” he said.


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