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Weekly Global COVID-19 Wrap

Image: Bongisipho Magcaba

The SABC News COVID-19 Global Wrap brings you highlights of news which dominated headlines with regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

In this week’s Global COVID-19 Wrap, SABC News captures highlights from all corners of the globe as the number of confirmed coronavirus infections continues to rise.

The world has currently recorded over 565 million COVID-19 cases, with over 537 million recoveries and over 6.3 million deaths.

South Africa has over 3.9 million confirmed cases, with 3 889 998 million recoveries and 101 915 deaths.

Africa has so far recorded over 12.4 million cases, with over 11.5 million recoveries, and over 256 378 deaths.

Here are COVID-19 stories making headlines around the world:


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