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Watch! Could This Be Nasty C’s Dream Car?

Watch! Could This Be Nasty C’s Dream Car? Have you ever pondered which hip-hop ride is the most well-liked? Cease pondering now and keep in mind that the most expensive and luxurious cars are what most well-versed hip hop stars are always aiming to get.

Watch! Could This Be Nasty C’s Dream Car?

SA rappers have been going all out showing off their most expensive whip with the likes of Cassper, Big Zulu, and Khuli Chana coming out to flaunt their expensive wheels. Taking to Instagram, Nasty C has emerged as the latest SA rapper who has revealed his dream car in a very short video clip he shared on his IG story.

The rapper captured himself sitting in a Maybach car putting words into manifestation that one day he is going to have one of his own, “one day,” he said. Of course, Nasty C might have cars on his name, but the rapper has never made a point of bragging about them. Instead, he always showcases his music, which has helped him become one of the top rappers in Mzansi.

Mayback is one of the most expensive and luxurious cars that most hip-hop artists always aim to have. In SA hip hop one owns a Mayback whip but could Nasty C be the first SA rapper to be in possession of one of Rick Ross’s car brands? Only time will tell if the Durban rapper will surprise us by getting the Mayback vehicle.


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