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Traditional koeksisters: The best local tea time snacks made at home

If you love South African food, you know how amazing our desserts can be. Koeksisters are a light dough similar to doughnuts which is plaited and doused in sweet syrup. The best koeksisters absorb so much syrup that it runs down your arms as you eat and it’s the most fun you can have. You can make these traditional koeksisters for bake sales or just a treat for your whole family.

Traditional koeksisters tips

The dough is very similar to doughnuts and easy to make. It’s also light enough to absorb a lot of the syrup you’ll also be making at home. They are most often enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee and often sold at bake sales. You can make them as big or as small as you’d like. They are most associated with the Western Cape cultures but sold all over the country and they are the perfect bake shop item.

Looking for something sweet and local for your next tea party? Traditional koeksisters have a way of making everybody smile, so get baking!

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