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The most popular baby formulas according to parents

It is known that the best baby food is the mother’s breast milk. It fully provides the baby with all the necessary substances for proper development and forms an immune system for the rest of his life. But in certain cases, the child needs a milk substitute adapted to its needs – special dairy or non-dairy formula. Artificial or complementary feeding is used by many families. It is proven that children, even from the first days of life, fed artificially, are not inferior in development and intelligence to peers, which for six months or more were fed to mothers.

The opinion of the pediatrician is very important

Whatever the reason for switching to formula, only a professional – a pediatrician – can help select the appropriate food. The pediatrician will take into account all the features of the baby, it is very important when it comes to a newborn. Artificial nutrition is necessary if the child has an allergy or intolerance to the mother’s milk. Reasons for not breastfeeding are also taking medications a woman, infectious diseases in the mother, psychological problems, low baby weight, and the need for additional milk (when there is not enough breast milk). But it is not worth it to absolve yourself of responsibility because “blind faith” in doctors often fails, as evidenced by the many cases of medical negligence, inattention, and banal indifference – doctors, too, tend to make mistakes and own all the vices of ordinary people, despite the “Hippocratic Oath”.

The variety of baby formula is impressive

To date, the range of baby food is quite diverse. It is possible to choose and buy baby formula for all ages: from the first days after birth until the age of abandonment of liquid nutrition. The main ingredient in these formulas is a protein produced from cow’s or goat’s milk.

The price of infant formula depends on the level of adaptation (closeness) to the mother’s milk. Adaptation of infant formula to feed healthy baby concerns:

  1. Protein component of mixtures (consists of reducing the protein content, enrichment with whey proteins, adding nucleotides, correction of amino acid content);
  2. Carbohydrate component (consists of adding oligosaccharides, increasing

the amount of lactose by its level in breast milk);

  1. The fat component of the mixture (consists of the enrichment of fats of plant origin: polyunsaturated fatty acids 6 and 3).
  2. The content of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients in the mixture consists of enriching with vitamins, correction of the content of micronutrients with the obligatory addition of essential micronutrients (I, Zn, Fe, Cu, Se), optimization of the level of Sai P.

In terms of composition, breast milk substitutes are divided into:

  • adapted whey blends (initial formula)
  • adapted casein female milk substitutes
  • partially adapted casein mixtures

Universal formulas are suitable for children without digestive and absorptive peculiarities. There is also a whole range of specialized formulae:

– With the effect of antireflux, when the baby regurgitates too often after eating;

– Hypoallergenic if the child reacts to certain food ingredients;

– Lactose-free – in case of food intolerance to lactose, etc;

– There are artificial foods for children based on soy milk (if there are reactions to the protein of animal origin).

Rating of baby formula as rated by parents

The best feedback from parents receives formula, which is based on protein from goat’s milk because they are easier to digest in the body of the child. Schematically, the process is as follows: the milk product enters the stomach, where the coagulation process takes place. And only then begins the process of digestion of nutrients. The cheesy substance of goat’s milk is more delicate and plump than that of cow’s milk, and it is easier for the baby’s body to cope with it. It is also believed that goat’s milk formulas cause almost no bloating or excessive regurgitation.

Among goat’s milk formulas, according to parent reviews, the Holle brand baby formula is the leader. This company has earned its reputation for 85 years of fruitful work in the market of baby food. Holle products have a European quality certificate Demeter, which guarantees the use of only high-quality organic ingredients.

Your baby’s emotional state is worthy of attention

If the food is tasty, it does not mean that it should be eaten and swallowed very quickly. It should be enjoyed, because a delicious meal can be compared to an orchestra, in which we hear a bassoon, saxophone, violin, and piano, merging into one wonderful melody, giving us aesthetic and spiritual pleasure. Thanks to his taste buds, the child should feel the taste of the dish, of each ingredient. In this case, the baby will develop an aesthetic, poetic attitude to food, it will experience physiological, and psychological pleasure. That is, never forget that every baby is different. Even though there are standards of consumption of milk formula for every age, the child may not be full of this portion, or on the contrary, it is too much. Be guided by how your baby is feeling, his reflexes, and overall health. Do not force your baby to eat when he is agitated or nervous.

When you give your baby a bottle, try to give him or her maximum care, attention, and tenderness. Time goes like a river, children grow up fast, have time to enjoy parenthood, and raise healthy and happy children.


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