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“The Illuminati took my wife,” NOTA

“The Illuminati took my wife,” NOTA. NOTA has consistently been at the forefront of sharing his ideas and insights into what goes on in the entertainment world when it comes to South African celebrities. The music mogul has been recently dragged for calling out Mihlali whom he accused of being an object that can be up for sale.

“The Illuminati took my wife,” NOTA

NOTA’s claims made his wife Berita issue out a statement, as she expressed her stance that she does not condone NOTA’s behaviour and that she is no longer NOTA’s wife. After receiving so many criticisms, NOTA responded by defending himself and asserting that his marriage with Berita is doing well.

During the ESAM Podcast, NOTA made an outlandish assertion regarding what transpired with his wife and their marriage . The outspoken music executive claimed that his wife had been captured by the secret society known as the Illuminati.

“Witchcraft is real dawg, this is the Illuminati dawg, the Illuminati took my wife, and they think I’m gonna beg for her back whilst she has been illuminated, no dawg,” NOTA said. Asked about his safety NOTA made it clear that he doesn’t care as he emphasized that he is not under any threat. Baloyi further weighed in on his wife’s behaviour as he claimed that she is not looking at things in a normal way.

“I’m not under threat dawg,” he said. “She is not looking at things in a normal way, she is looking at things, as my daddy can’t protect me, my family cant protect me, I have been told to pretend, I’m not who I am, I need to be scared, she is really confused,” NOTA explained.

The self-proclaimed music mogul further revealed that people have misunderstood him as his mission is to protect the girl to never follow in Mihlali’s footsteps. “At the end of the day if I do not defend the vulnerable women of this world I will bring a daughter into this world who will then be subject to whatever world that I allowed to happen because I didn’t do anything about it.” He said.


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