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SA Rappers Wish Riky Rick A “Happy Heavenly” 35th Birthday

SA Rappers Wish Riky Rick A “Happy Heavenly” 35th Birthday. It’s been five months since Riky Rick kicked the bucket following an untimely passing. The rapper left a never-ending legacy in SA hip hop and it’s not surprising that the fans and most of his peers are celebrating his 35th birthday today.

SA Rappers Wish Riky Rick A “Happy Heavenly” 35th Birthday

Riky Rick‘s fans and friends in the game devoted the day to honouring the rapper and appreciating his legacy, while others voiced their anguish and persistent feelings about his passing being unbelievable almost five months later.

Boss Zonke was a top-tier rapper and he was always open to working with other artists even those outside the SA hip-hop genre. The rapper graced the game with hit songs such as Amantombazane, Boss Zonke and Sidlukotini amongst others.

Riky Rick’s creative genius enabled him to come up with an idea of merging fashion and hip hop and that gave birth to the popular hip hop festival in CottonFest. Riky was and will remain an idol for most upcoming artists whom he put on, the likes of Uncle Vynn, Big Hash and Lucasraps will forever appreciate what Boss Zonke did for them. Here are some of the rappers who celebrated Riky Rick’s birthday on their social media platforms.

Not only that Riky was respected by his fans and SA hip-hop peers, but the rapper also showed love to his family. His wife Bianca praised her late husband during his funeral as a man who loved his children with all of his might. “He loved them deeply. He was their protector, he was their biggest fan, their Mandalorian and he will continue to be,” she said.

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