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Reason Reveals When He Plans To Settle Down And Marry

Reason Reveals When He Plans To Settle Down And Marry. Reason is a fantastic rapper who has created great songs in South African hip hop, but he also had a dark side in his love life.

Reason Reveals When He Plans To Settle Down And Marry

Following the separation from LootLove, Reason has not confirmed to be in a relationship with anyone. The rapper has however revealed that he still has plans to settle down and get married to someone. During an interview with JazziQ on JazziQ and Friends, the rapper made it clear that he will be ready to settle down at the age of 40.

“I think I’m going to get married and settle at 40, I’m 35 now,” Reason said. Reason has been in a beautiful relationship with Lootlove that comes to an end in an unexpected way. The rapper was reported to have cheated on Lootlove when she was pregnant but the latter denied the allegations as she revealed that she was not even in Port Elizabeth as per the reports.

“With regards to him cheating on me during pregnancy when I was in Port Elizabeth, this is neither true nor factual,” she said’I didn’t travel to Port Elizabeth during my pregnancy,s traveling was prohibited quite early because it was a highrisk pregnancy.” Loot Love said.

Reason has also rubbished rumours that his being financially strained led to his separation from her lover. The rapper made it clear that LootLove has lost faith in him hence the need for a breakup. “It is safe to say she lot faith,” he said. Now that the rapper has revealed when he wants to settle down and marry, it means to be seen if he will live to fulfil his words. For now, it’s all about enjoying his music as he plans to drop an album soon.

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