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Reactions Thomas Partey accused of rape on Twitter, belongs in prison

Is this what you do in Ghana? Nigerians shocked as Thomas Partey accused of rape again.

Arsenal star Thomas Partey is under fire for another rape accusation.

Just last month, there were shocking reports from the United Kingdom that a Premier League football was questioned on a rape incident.

After initial reports on Twitter about Partey’s rape case, the dust settled as he returned to training with Arsenal.

However on Thursday, July 28, a Twitter user highlighted several conversations attributed to the Arsenal star.

According to her, Partey is a serial rapist and the revelation on Twitter is to expose the Arsenal star.

The Twitter user who accused Partey of rape has the username @deffonotchaur.

According to her, teh came forward as a rape victim to the Police in the United Kingdom but the case did not go through the required legal procedure.

She shared screenshots of text messages exchanged with Partey on social media apps SnapChat and Whatsapp.

According to her, she has decided to share her opinion with the public that Partey is a rapist.

This is the second time Partey’s name would be involved in rape accusations.

The Arsenal man rose to the top of the trends on Twitter with several people including high profile personalities giving their perspective on the accusation.

The reactions to Partey were mostly negative while some urged that social media is not suitable to judge rape accusations.

See what people are saying about Partey following the latest rape accusation below.


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