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NOTA Explains Why He Had To Change Kwesta’s Vocal Style

NOTA Explains Why He Had To Change Kwesta’s Vocal Style. Kwesta is one of the SA rappers who has a very unique voice that has become his trademark in the SA hip-hop space. The rapper’s voice is one of a kind. It’s thick and easy to spot, even when you slumber.

NOTA Explains Why He Had To Change Kwesta’s Vocal Style

Some would argue if that’s Kwesta’s real voice, according to NOTA Baloyi, he claimed that he is the reason behind Kwesta’s distinctive deep voice in his raps. Speaking during the Nkululeko and Cultur Podcast, NOTA mentioned that Kwesta is now stuck to the sound that he produced along with the tone of his voice.

“I produced that basically to give him a style, a sound and everything that he could run with so he stuck there in the sound that I produced,” he said. NOTA went on and mentioned that he requested the acclaimed rapper to use a deep voice to imitate Rick Ross’s style since he was sounding like the late Pro Kid.

“He was sounding like Prod Kid and I said no, we need to have a deep voice because I was listening to a lot of Rick Ross at the time.” He said. “I said, you know what, Rick Ross doesn’t have punchlines so I made him listen to a whole lot of Rick Ross and like this guy has statement lines so yeah we got that from Rick Ross,” NOTA added.

NOTA confirmed the status of his relationship with Kwesta after his departure from Raplyf. During the ESAM Pdocast Baloyi mentioned that he and Kwesta are not on speaking terms but they are good.

You need to understand that in business when you have a certain partnership and you’ve got a certain relationship it might work for the business period. We had an agreement, we saw out that agreement. That agreement does not behind us to be now family members or friends or anything else.” Explained.

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