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Nasty C Speaks On The Delay Towards The Release Of His Song With Burna Boy

Nasty C Speaks On The Delay Towards The Release Of His Song With Burna Boy. Nasty C has been one of the fast-rising SA rappers. The rapper has bagged huge collaborations with big artists in the game with the likes of Davido and many others.

Nasty C Speaks On The Delay Towards The Release Of His Song With Burna Boy

Before the release of his album Zulu Man With Some Powers, the Durban rapper made it known that he will feature Nigerian giant Burna Boy in one of his songs. The album has been long released now but the song with Burna Boy is yet to be released.

Responding to one of his fans who asked him about the development of his song featuring Burna Boy, Nasty C expressed his anger towards Burna Boy and his crew for their delays in the release of the song. Nasty C revealed that he has no choice but to find someone else to feature in the song.

I feel like now I don’t have a choice, we made this song like how many years ago now?” He asked. “Three years ago, four years ago and I wanted to drop it and it was supposed to be part of my album also but they just kept saying, yo not now.” Said Nasty C.

The Durban rapper continued by stating that he has compromised enough. He revealed that he will find someone else to feature on the song because he described it as a really special song that he is gradually growing weary of.

“Now it’s like alright man, I’ve compromised enough, I might just end up having to just drop the song man you know,” he said. “I’ve even fallen out of love for the song, not like I don’t love the song anymore but it used to drive me crazy, it’s such a special song you know,” he explained.

Burna Boy and Nasty C get along well, and the Nigerian star has praised Nasty C and said that he is a better rapper and he will put his money on him. “Nasty C is a rapper, just because he’s from Africa, you are going to see Afro beat – I put my money on Nasty C over almost any American rapper. No cap,” Burna Boy was quoted saying.


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