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Nasty C Speaks On Claims That He Stole The Beat On “Can’t Imagine”

Nasty C Speaks On Claims That He Stole The Beat On “Can’t Imagine.” It’s not unusual for a rapper to seek influence from another MC for everything from flows and beats to styles and samples. But what happens when an artist steals an idea from one of his colleagues?

Nasty C Speaks On Claims That He Stole The Beat On “Can’t Imagine”

Rappers all over the world and Mzansi is no exception when it comes to rappers being accused of stealing beats and samples from other artists. In recent developments, Nasty C has emerged to be one of the newest SA rappers to be accused of stealing a beat from an upcoming artist.

In reaction to a claim made during his Twitch session about him stealing a beat on Can’t Imagine, the rapper stated that he paid for it and doesn’t care if it is stolen property or not. “The beat in your song Cant Imagine was stolen from Shinsa,” he said as he read the comment.

“I don’t give a f**ck where it was stolen from, I paid for it, I did not steal sh*t, I pay for it, I bought it,” Nasty C responded to the comment. “Tell Shinsa to go argue to whoever made that, who did I buy it from, CEDES, go find him and argue with him.”

Nasty C made a surprise release with Cant Imagine which was a follow-up on Stalling another song that he dropped during that period. Nasty C takes his audience on a journey via his passion in “Can’t Imagine.”  The rapper tells us that he finds it hard to comprehend what is happening in his life right now. He says that despite working extremely hard and having a successful track record, he hasn’t yet received any praises for his efforts and instead is receiving hate mail left and right.


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