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Mungai Eve claims trolls forced boyfriend to seek counseling

By Kevin Koech, K24 Digital On Thu, 14 Jul, 2022 19:59 | 3 mins read

Content creator Mungai Eve has opened up on challenges that she faced after getting into the limelight.

Speaking in a recent sit down interview, the 22-year-old said constant criticism at her boyfriend, Trevor, forced him to seek help.

Mungai said her boyfriend was trolled to the point that he had to go for therapy sessions.

Doing better

The content creator who runs a YouTube channel that boasts over 500,000 subscribers said Trevor was affected by the trolls but he is now doing much better.

“Every time I post a photo, or he posts a photo with me, people are like ‘oh huyu dem si wa class yako, huyu dem ako juu, tafuta dem mwingine’, it hurts me so so much

“There was a time ilikua inamuaffect sana, but right now he’s doing way better,” Mungai said.

She also wondered why someone who knows little to nothing about their life would troll Trevor whom she said is a reserved person.

“Mbona mtu akuje amuambie si wa level yangu, aki, you don’t know us. You know nothing other than what we put out there for you

“I love that he’s coming stronger and stronger. There was a time it was affecting him, he went through counselling,” Mungai added

Trevor and girlfriend Mungai Eve PHOTO/@mungai_eve/Instagram

Mungai Eve on being employed

In March, Mungai sparked reactions after claiming that being employed would prevent her from achieving her goals in life.

The YouTuber said she would probably die before achieving her goals should she choose the employment path.

“I can never agree to be employed, first of all, because I know my worth, secondly because I have so many goals that I feel if I get employed, I’ll probably die before I accomplish them,” she said.

Mungai explained that employment has never been her thing, adding that God might have planned that she never works for someone.

“Being employed is not my calling. To some people, that is their thing, there are some people who when they get employed, will execute their work well, but I feel God did not make me be employed, it is not my thing,” she stated.

YouTuber Mungai Eve and boyfriend Trevor PHOTO/@mungai_eve/Instagram

Mungai Eve YouTube earnings

The claims came months after she revealed how much they make out of her Youtube content from both entertainment and showbiz.

Mungai said she makes between KSh 700,000 and KSh 5 million every month the latter being on a really good month.

Her channel has received tremendous growth over time since it started last year in January 2020 and has so far garnered over 578,000 subscribers and over 102 million views cumulatively.

Content creator Mungai Eve and Trevor PHOTO/@director_trevor/Instagram


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