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Kid X Secures Partnership With A Local Sneaker Brand

Kid X Secures Partnership With A Local Sneaker Brand. Outside of music, Kid X has been one of the few SA rappers who have been making big money moves whilst maintaining a low profile.

Kid X Secures Partnership With A Local Sneaker Brand

The rapper took a significant break from music while he participated in the day-to-day running of former record label ‘Rap Lyf.’ Taking to Instagram, Kid X has announced his partnership with a local sneaker brand in PTA Wear.

“I am proud to announce an exciting co-lab with @pt_wearbrand. Introducing Ltd Edition KiD X™️ Booster Sneakers – quality, comfort, and style meet hip hop in one awesome pair,” he wrote. The rapper has had good things coming his way after he became a father.

The rapper took time to honour that moment with a brand new album that marked his return to making music again. ‘Father Of Zen’ is a 13-track album including South African musicians varying from ‘Moozlie’ to ‘Boskasie.’

The rapper revealed in an interview with Pan African Music that his trip to Egypt made him refresh his mind. Kid X stressed that the new energy and mindset made him come out with new ideas and that gave birth to the making of the Father Of Zen album.

A lot of things happened in those two years! But I think one of the most notable turning points was when I took a trip to Egypt. That trip just changed a lot. It broadened my perspective, it turned my world around,” he said.

He added; “I felt like I had tapped into a deeper level of myself and I needed to come out with new music to express that new energy.”


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