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Is Anatii Contemplating On Launching #PUNISHER Merch?

Is Anatii Contemplating On Launching #PUNISHER Merch? As the love for rap and fashion are nearly equal, SA rappers have always been on the move to merge the two, all in a bid to keep the connection with their fans. The influence that comes with fashion in SA hip hop has also been made as a tool by rappers to push their own music projects.

Is Anatii Contemplating On Launching #PUNISHER Merch?

Following the release of his single Punisher in the form of NFT, Anatii has been receiving massive praises in the game for being the first one to ever do it. Recently, Anatii has been made to consider launching Punisher clothing merchandise.

This came after one of his Twitter followers shared a photo of Punisher-themed hoodie jackets as they suggested on designing one. “@ANATII @fairxyz can I MINT This? #smartcontract,” read the tweet. Anatii went on and gave a positive response as he considers to have a talk about the Punisher-themed hood design. “let’s talk #PUNISHER,” Anatii responded. Could the famed rapper be persuaded to launch the Punisher clothing brand? That’s a million-dollar question.

Anatii’s release has been labelled as “a symbol of detachment from the status quo which will be paving the new ways of creating and identifying one’s worth.” The new song is also his first “sonic and audio-visual drop in four years.”

The Saga hitmaker has collaborated with many top SA rappers before going on a long break. It’s still to be seen if he will consider collaborating with his peers in his new way of making music. Anatii has once had a meeting with Cassper where the two discussed NFTs and they even went on and made some beat together.


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