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How to keep cybersecurity simple for business?

The global pandemic tested the resilience of many businesses.

The businesses with an excellent digital footprint survived while the other businesses struggled to survive and keep the business running. It is extremely important to have a digital presence in the digital era. However, the online space is not very safe considering the rise of cyber crimes, which is increasing each year.

The online space is now crowded. With the number of online businesses rising, the cyber vulnerability of the businesses is increasing too. To stay safe online, it is important to take cybersecurity seriously. Irrespective of the size of the business, it is important to cover cybersecurity.

Only the big businesses make it to the headline when a cyberattack occurs. However, the truth is that many small and medium enterprises are also the victims of cyber crimes. Most often, cybercrime is explained using complex words to give it a mask of a big issue. Sometimes, simply compromising the IP address can result in a considerable loss. What Is My IP is a platform to know the IP address of your device. Having such information handy can always prove to help fight cyber crimes. The fact is not all cybercrimes are that complex.

A cyber attack on a large company is risky, even for the cybercriminals. Therefore, most of the cyber criminals go for small and medium enterprises. Even though attacking small companies is not that lucrative, attacking the target is easier. Therefore, both small and big businesses need to invest in cybersecurity. No one is risk-free in the online space, just like the physical space.

It is a myth that all cyber attacks are complex, but it is not always the cost. Prominent companies that face cyber attacks often describe them in complex terms to avoid the wrath of the customers. For instance, the WannaCry attack that made it to the headline in 2017 was a simple attack that was done with the help of a phishing campaign. Just one click on a phishing email is enough to create mayhem for the entire company. When businesses understand that not all cyberattacks are complex, it gets easier to take care of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour for businesses. A business does not need to use an extremely sophisticated tool or software to stay safe. Cybersecurity can be kept simple and, at the same time, extremely useful too. Firstly, it is important to train the employees in basic cybersecurity principles. As discussed above, sometimes, all it takes is one phishing email to disrupt the entire business. Educate the employees about phishing emails, the need to have a strong password and change it regularly and how using public Wi-Fi can put one at risk. Educate the employees about the common cyberattacks and how they can protect themselves from them.

Having a backup of all the sensitive data is essential. Go for automatic updates of the sensitive data to ensure that you do not lose any data during a cyberattack. Further, always run the company’s devices on the latest operating system, browser and software. The updated operating system and software version fixes the previous bugs to give the users stronger protection against cyber attacks.

A strong antivirus software along with firewall protection is a must. Regularly scan the devices to have strong defensibility against malware and virus. If you are running a business, you probably have a Wi-Fi connection for the employees. Secure the Wi-Fi network to keep it encrypted, hidden and secure.

Not only are the intangible aspects important, but you also need to control physical access to the computer properly. Have a strict policy against unauthorised access to the devices of the business. Distribute the administrative privileges carefully too. Also, ask the employees to keep unique passwords which need to be changed every three months for maximum protection.

These cybersecurity tips are not only simple but also very inexpensive. Sometimes, even following basic cybersecurity hygiene can help you to fight cyberattacks. Lastly, always have a plan ready to mitigate the loss if a cyberattack ever happens to stay safe. Any business using the internet for its functioning cannot afford to compromise on cybersecurity.



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