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Here’s What Dineo Ranaka Has To Say About Blxckie’s Face

Here’s What Dineo Ranaka Has To Say About Blxckie’s Face. Hip-hop is an international genre that can be heard on every beach and at every airport. Yet what does hip hop actually mean? Is it the music that has an upbeat beat in the chest? The quick-fire rhymes delivered into a portable microphone? Dancing moves that defy gravity? Is it about rappers using pictures and text that are larger than life to transform walls into canvases?

Here’s What Dineo Ranaka Has To Say About Blxckie’s Face

SA rappers have shown that hip hop is a broad cultural movement that includes a variety of artistic forms. Blxckie is one of them who has brought a unique sound and appearance to the game and that has made him one of the best in the game right now. Not only did his music captivates most SA hip-hop fans and artists, but the rapper’s physical appearance has also made him famous.

Dineo Ranaka of Kaya FM Radio has spoken out about her thoughts on Blxckie’s facial appearance. She claimed that the Durban rapper has the most creative facial appearance, which if it was possible she would want to photograph. “Blxckie is the most artistic-looking human being under the sun, I say this all the time,” she said.

“He is such artistic like when you look at his face he looks like a really well-crafted piece of art, I love him, he looks artistic, he looks like something I would want to photograph,” Dineo Ranaka said. Dineo further explained that Blxckie’s face is like a piece of art that you can come across when travelling and want to take and have in your house.

“You might think he is a piece of art that when you are travelling then you find this and you see it and say I know exactly where I want to keep this in the house, but because he is a human being, my bad.” She said.

Blxckie has constantly released hit after hit with the best artists in South Africa while maintaining contact with a cult-like fan base that has fueled the explosive expansion of both his music and his reputation. The SA rapper has bagged a slew of accolades to his name and he is showing no signs of stopping as he is on the verge of releasing another music project very soon.


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