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From dump site, to flourishing garden

Residents of an informal settlement at Upington in the Northern Cape have turned a dumping site next to their homes into a flourishing garden. Residents say they couldn’t take the stench and ugly sight anymore.

The people of Rosedale informal settlement had to endure the sight and smells of a rubbish dump for the last year. Now the dumping site has been turned into a beautiful garden. They hope it will also provide shade and medicinal plants soon.

Residents petitioned the local Dawid Kruiper Municipality to remove the rubbish and start with planting immediately.

One of the gardeners, Martha Joseph, elaborates: “It is a huge difference and it’s a huge pleasure to sit in the garden. We have different succulents, bulbs, and flowers that we planted for ourselves.”

But Joseph says patience is key. “There are a number of people who tend to the garden, but it does take time, especially watering everything because our pipes are too few.”

The garden stretches over 100 metres. Locals in the area say it’s a beautiful sight to witness.

One of the residents, Roswell Reed, says “It’s very nice to be here on this side of the Plakkerskamp again because we do not have enough space to go and rest there.”

Residents want the municipality to clear more areas so they can diversify and perhaps plant some fruit trees.

They’re also hoping that other areas will follow their green path.

VIDEO |Upington residents turn dump into garden: 


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