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Frankie Just Gym It links daddy issues to split with baby mama Corazon Kwamboka

By Kevin Koech, K24 Digital On Tue, 12 Jul, 2022 15:26 | 3 mins read

Content creator and fitness trainer Frankie Just Gym It has finally addressed his split with baby mama Corazon Kwamboka.

The two started dating in 2020 after the content creator broke up with his other baby mama, brand influencer Maureen Waititu.

Frankie has two boys with Maureen and two children; a boy and a girl with Corazon.

Frankie Just Gym It is a father of four PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka break up

In an interview with Tanzania’s Simulizi Na Sauti, the fitness freak explained that he broke up with the socialite over disagreements on most things.

Frankie said they were forced to go their separate ways to avoid a spiteful relationship for the sake of their kids.

“It depends about your happiness, if you’re in a situation that if you’re both not agreeing on a lot of things you look at that situation and say what’s good for the kids. You can be in a situation because you have kids but it is affecting the kids so they end up being damaged. So what you do is to step out of the situation

“The kids have brought us together and then on top of that, we have taken the break before it becomes a situation where you hate each other,” the fitness trainer explained.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka PHOTO/@corazon_kwamboka/Instagram

Daddy issues

Frankie noted that just like Maureen, Corazon too had daddy issues since she grew without a father figure in her life.

He said Corazon’s father would show up only when he needed something from the socialite which latee compromised her love life.

“The two ladies I’ve been with, they didn’t have the father figure and this is something Corazone and I have talked about it. She has never had a father figure, her dad was never there full time and when the dad would come around he would be asking for something

“To her, love had a condition; like when I go to her showing love it means I want something from her. So for me when I show her love, she tries to find a condition and so you have to over prove yourself in every situation,” he noted.

Frankie Just Gym It looks on while posing for a photo PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram

Corazon Kwamboka confirms break up with Frankie Just Gym It

In an update on Instagram a few months ago, the socialite announced that she was no longer dating Frankie.

The mother of two shared the news by posting a black rose image along with a simple caption that revealed her new status.

“I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on,” Corazon wrote.

The break up came at a time when Corazon was being trolled with social media user accusing her of being a home wrecker and causing Frankie’s break up with Maureen.

The socialite has, however, denied the same a number of times.

“When you are being blamed for breaking a relationship. I did not open the door I found it opened. I did not touch the door,” she previously shared online.


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