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Forward Thinking And Innovative: Why Dr. Bawumia represents NPP’s best hopes of breaking the 8

Largely an unknown name in Ghana’s Political landscape prior to the 2008 election, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has by dint of hard work, worked his way to the very top of the Political staircase.

Known largely for his deep understanding of the economy prior to the NPP’s electoral victory of 2016, Dr. Bawumia has proven in power to be a forward-thinking Vice President with his innovative technologically advanced initiatives aimed at building a more robust economy in the medium to long-term.

But it is not just Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia who has matured exponentially in his role as Ghana’s second most powerful gentleman, his wife, Samira Bawumia has transformed into an exceptionally matured political figure and an indispensable pillar to the fortunes of the New Patriotic Party.

Not only has Bawumia endeared himself to the grassroots of the NPP, but his wife Samira has also equally won the hearts of the grassroots with her massive involvement in campaign exercises.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s main legacy in Ghanaian politics has got to be his role in reshaping and reintroducing into the discourse of our body-politics once again an issue based and intellectually stimulating politicking. This, he does with his extensive knowledge on economic and developmental issues and his political jabs at his opponents.

The Vice President’s tenure as head of the economic management team has been one of gradual strategic reform of the Ghanaian economy as he leads the charge in introducing modern ways of collecting government revenue, acquiring passports and others.

The veteran economist has spearheaded the establishment of the digital address system, the QR payment system and tons of other digitization efforts.

Just this week, the Vice President launched the e-pharmacy initiative, one that will see to it that Ghanaians acquire and pay for authentic medicines easily and have them delivered to them with dispatch.

These and more indicate that Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has a plan and is working towards achieving it gradually as the country begins to embrace the digitization drive.

With this proven forward-thinking ability, and with elections for flag bearer fast approaching, it is fair to say that Dr. Bawumia represents the ruling New Patriotic Party’s surest bet to winning the general elections for a third consecutive time even though history appears not to favor the possibility.

By: Kofi Bonney (Pulse Contributor)


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