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English Exam Paper With Cassper Case Study Causes A Stir On Twitter

English Exam Paper With Cassper Case Study Causes A Stir On Twitter. Cassper Nyovest might be many things in the entertainment industry and as a business person, but no one ever thought that the prolific rapper will be used as a case study in a school final exam paper.

English Exam Paper With Cassper Case Study Causes A Stir On Twitter

A Grade 8 English exam paper has generated quite a stir on social media. The exam paper includes a case study on rapper Cassper Nyovest as well as a few questions about the case study. This came after one of the tweeps shared the exam paper he called people to respect the acclaimed rapper. “Respect @casspernyovest Nigga got schools writing exams about him. True Legend,” read the tweet.

Cassper Nyovest has achieved a lot as an artist with many successful stories to tell about him. The rapper has created a brand for himself not only in the music space but he has also ventured into business. Cassper has created opportunities through the introduction of his alcohol brand Billiato and Sneaker line Root Of Fame.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, tweeps argued that including him in an exam case study was detrimental to South African education. Some claimed that having a case study of someone who dropped out of Matric was not the correct motivation for school students. Below are some of the reactions from tweeps towards Cassper being included in an examination case study.

How do you write exam about someone who doesn’t have matrix? Our education system is kak… so they probably saying without education you can succeed… the advocating that. We still going to have more thugs. Crime will rise because of our poor education systems

— Mr C (@mr_caiph) June 29, 2022

Lol, this the worst that can happen to our education🤦🏾‍♂️😂!! Is is Casper gonna help u with being a Dr/ engineer/ lawyer!!!

— uSandz©️ (@uMaster_Sandz) June 28, 2022

I’m not a parent but I’m angry. I know see why people send their kids to private schools with IEB or Cambridge curriculums. Absolute nonsense this comprehension. It teaches kids to drop out of school.

— Correctional Services Number 6 V2.0. (@Correctional6v2) June 29, 2022

No wonder kids are making wrong decisions how do one set such questions like they are glorifying school drop outs 🙆🏾‍♀️

— Spider (@Ofhie57405558) June 29, 2022

Comments 🤣⚰️ people are just hating cause it’s cass. I am not a fan but you got to give the props for his success. That’s an inspiration.

— #MusicFanRadio (@MusiqWorks) June 29, 2022


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