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Cassper Reacts To AKA’s Boxing Drills

“Easy work for me” Cassper Reacts To AKA’s Boxing Drills. Football is one of the sports that bring people together and we all thought that Cassper Nyovest and AKA squashed their beef during the celebrity soccer match a week ago. It looks like all that was a fluke as the two rappers are back at each other’s throats again.

Cassper Reacts To AKA’s Boxing Drills

AKA received massive support from one Twitter fan following a video of him throwing punching at the punching bag during his gym session The fan went on and sought for Cassper’s reaction towards AKA’s boxing drills and Mufasa seemed not interested in giving AKA some thumbs up. “Eh Nyovi but the broer here looks like he has a heavy knockout punch.” Read the tweet.

In response to the compliments that AKA has received for his boxing abilities, Cassper asserted on Twitter that the rapper is a weak opponent for him. “This dude is easy to work for me. Remember, the bag doesn’t punch back.” Cassper responded.

Cassper has been well known for blowing his own horn and his reactions to AKA’s boxing drill might not come as a surprise to some.

Cassper has been taking video clips of him back in the gym as he getting ready for one of his toughest boxing matches against a strong-willed Priddy Ugly. The two rappers had a verbal agreement on Twitter but they are yet to give an official announcement soon.

The Doc Shebeleza hitmaker went so far as to express his readiness to take on in a boxing bout against Priddy Ugly. He expressed his hope that the legal paperwork will be completed quickly enough to confirm the match. “I’m a big boy and my technique is cold. This fight is getting very exciting for me. Hope the paperwork don’t take too long so we can put on a show.” Cassper tweeted.


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