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Caroline Mutoko under fire after comment about matatus driving on Nairobi Expressway

By Naomi Njoroge, K24 Digital On Tue, 5 Jul, 2022 19:29 | 2 mins read

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has been the centre of criticism following her comments after a road accident on the expressway at the Mololongo Toll Centre.

Witnesses said the Toyota Prado was waiting for clearance at the exit when the speeding Public Service Vehicle (PSV) rammed into it.

Mutoko opined that allowing matatus (Public Service Vehicles) on the Nairobi Expressway is disastrous.

Wait, we now have matatus on the Expressway? Courting trouble…” she tweeted.

A screengrab of Caroline Mutoko’s ‘troublesome’ tweet.


Her sentiments caused a heated debate online with most netizens dismissing her as ‘classist’.

Here are some reactions as sampled by K24-Digital

“why are they allowing the poor to use the expressway?” https://t.co/vNVHLaYCFR— Mirema (@Arthur_asoma) July 5, 2022

Elitist. Classist. Crass. https://t.co/rmI9ONJY4i— Desky (@realdesky) July 5, 2022

Was the road designed for the privileged few? This kind of thinking is exactly why the transport system is a mess in Kenya. We should be thinking of moving the masses effectively and securely not just those with private cars

— Jeff Kinyanjui (@_JeffKinyanjui) July 5, 2022

Because if one uses of public transport you become less of tax payer and Kenyan or? https://t.co/BvWCPNGG5l— Peter Magati (@magatipeter) July 5, 2022

Queen of the expressway,the gate keeper herself,the one who delegates who uses which road,”her roadness”if you will,we as matatu users apologize for using your holy road,we hope that you find it in your heart to forgive us your roadness https://t.co/pdGkshNv5u— 🇳ⓓⓤⓣⓗⓛ 🇬ⓤⓨ (@nduthigeng) July 5, 2022

Why would they allow matatus on the Expressway surely? Carole, I stand with you in this SHOCK… That road is for PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS, people who pay taxes. Why would they allow maskini hohe hahe, who only survive on begging? What is wrong with this government? https://t.co/Q0aju0KDZ4— Juma G 🇰🇪 (@jumaf3) July 5, 2022

Why should there be discrimination of who has to use the expressway, as long as you can pay? The real question should be,what caused that to happen? Accidents do happen whether you use a matatu or not! Just the other day there was an accident and it did not involve a matatu!!— Naeku Edith (@edy_naeku) July 5, 2022

Media personality Caroline Mutoko.



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