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Caroline Mutoko is not backing down- It’s not about PSVs it’s about lives!

By Naomi Njoroge, K24 Digital On Wed, 6 Jul, 2022 05:30 | 2 mins read

Former Queen of radio Caroline Mutoko is not backing down on her ‘anti-PSVs’ on the Nairobi Expressway views after being castigated by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

Mutoko previously said that allowing matatus (Public Service Vehicles) on the Nairobi Expressway is disastrous.

Wait, we now have matatus on the Expressway? Courting trouble…” she tweeted.

Dozens of tweets and comments were sent slandering the media personality, but she’s standing by her words.

Former Queen of radio Caroline Mutoko.


In a video on Youtube, Mutoko called out everyone who dismissed her as “classist” and did not stutter as she condemned the netizens who raised an eyebrow her way saying if we allow matatus on Expressway we will continue to lose many lives.

“You will not get me to back down on one thing. Stop giving nonsense, when I say we are courting trouble, we are, and you know am right. Shame on you for making this about anything but lives. This is about lives and the fact that we are blood-letting on this Expressway. Kabla we wake up and get serious, tutaua wengi,” Caroline Mutoko stated.

Mutoko believes that ‘it is written on the walls’ since Kenyans and especially Nairobians are grossly indisciplined and the PSVs are worse.

Tunangoja siku ile gari itatoka uko juu, iende chini, mark my words,” Mutoko warned.

According to her, matatus should be allowed on the Expressway on two conditions; installation of speed governors and punitive fines.

“There is absolutely no problem with PSVs being in the Expressway on condition that their speed governors are back on. It should be a prerequisite for PSVs to have a speed governor on the expressway.

“Slow down! I hope somebody is working on punitive fines for the Expressway, And I hope it looks something like Ksh 20k or Ksh10K. Because we can’t be trusted to behave. We have already proved it,” she stated.

Does she have a point? Absolutely! 


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