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Brymo: I’m most powerful artiste in the world

Singer Olawale Ashimi Ọlọfọrọ aka Brymo has proclaimed himself the ‘most powerful artiste in the world’.

The singing sensation made this declaration in a chat with ‘OneJoblessBoy’ on ‘echooRoom’ where he also revealed he’s no longer a musician but a sonic artiste who paints pictures with words.

According to him, globally there exist no other artiste who’s a better songwriter, at the same times a better vocalist and performer.

He argued it’s either they are good at one or two of those but certainly not all three while he is.

“I’m the most powerful artiste in the world. If you find me a better songwriter, who’s also a better vocalist and who’s also a better performer; we can have this conversation”, said the “Ara” singer.

“It’s easy to find a better songwriter than Brymo but he would not be a better performer. It’s easy to find a better performer than Brymo but will not be a better songwriter.

“It’s impossible to find a man that’s as good a songwriter as Brymo that performs equally good, records equally good and is well-behaved.

“It’s impossible to find any artiste on earth who has all of these qualities. Yeah, it was an epiphany. I woke up one morning and I realised, damn! I’m that good!!

He added: “Now, this started with realising that I’m a black man. Go all over the world, when you find a black man who is really good-looking with sense, he doesn’t say much. For a black man who says a lot, he doesn’t sound nice. For a black man who sounds nice, he doesn’t perform well.

“You find him that he’s all of these things, he’s either a Christian or a Muslim; he doesn’t smoke or drink. There’s always something wrong.

“I’m an overall musician. Which is why I had to go far as saying that I’m no longer a musician, I’m a sonic artiste.

“Sometime earlier this year, I became a sonic artiste. I paint pictures with words.”


Content contributor at AFAL [African Alert]. Sarah is a passionate copywriter who stalks celebrities all day.

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