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Betty Bayo says she had given up on love, family before meeting new man

By Kevin Koech, K24 Digital On Mon, 1 Aug, 2022 08:01 | 3 mins read

Kikuyu singer Betty Bayo has disclosed that she had given up on love and family by the time she met her husband.

Bayo and her husband, Hiram Gitau, alias Tash got married in a colorful wedding in December 2021 after dating for two years.

Betty Bayo had given up on love

In a sweet birthday message to his husband, the singer noted how Tash walked into her life and changed her perspective on love.

Bayo noted that after kicking off their relationship, she realized just how he was the right person for her.

“Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realise why it didn’t work out with anyone else,” the singer wrote.

Adding; “One day, by God’s grace we will tell our story not to brag or to hurt anyone but to encourage those that have given up in love and family. I was once an ambassador for giving up on love company.”

Betty Bayo posses for a photo with her husband PHOTO/@bettybayo_official/Instagram

Betty Bayo advice to married women

Bayo who was previously married to controversial preacher Victor Kanyari advised her female followers on what to do and what not to when married.

Taking to Instagram, she advised that a woman should not leave her marriage unless her husband says so by himself.

She also warned women against leaving their husbands because they are broke, or if they cannot not performing well in bed.

“Attention! To all women. Don’t leave your man because he got broke. Don’t leave your man because you got richer than him. Don’t leave your man because he can’t perform his duties in bed,” Bayo said.

Betty Bayo and hubby Hiram Gitau rocking matching outfits PHOTO/@bettybayo_official/Instagram

Grace Mwai and fiancé Kamuhunjia age difference

As earlier reported on K24 Digital, Grace Mwai has hit out at people criticising her relationship with content creator, Hiram Kamuhunjia.

Mwai noted that people have been on their case since they are celebrities, adding that some comments made about their relationship are hurtful.

She asked their fans to be respectful since God is the one who brought them together, adding that Kamuhunjia was not young as people thought.

“First, it is very sad for people to make such comments; others were harsh and very disrespectful. It is a personal choice; we just wanted to make it clear that yes, we have seen the comments, and no, it is not right, and its disrespectful we are old enough to marry and to marry and be married stop victimizing people who are in the limelight

“Lakini haijalishi,ata kama ni ya one year haijalishi as its not an abnormal thing,” Mwai said.

Grace Mwai and Kamuhunjia PHOTO/@hiram_kamuhunjia/Instagram


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