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BBNaija: Tensions rise in Level 1 as Housemates express disappointment; Hermes lash out at Chomzy (video)

After a week of preparation, Level 1 Housemates came out with the least amount of points for the Task Presentation. With three groups showcasing what they thought to be their best, Biggie thought Level 2 Housemates did better. Their performances were judged based on creativity, originality and organisation.

After getting five seconds to leave the Arena, the Housemates went to their House, sat on the couch and started expressing how they felt about losing the Wager. They all agreed that they did not bring the energy required to win the Weekly Wager. Head of House Eloswag sat on his chair and kept quiet as they spoke, making notes.  Adekunle tried comforting everyone, telling them that they all did their best, and Hermes echoed those sentiments.

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Things took a different direction when Eloswag started talking about his impression of their performances, urging everyone to share their anger. He was very disappointed about the loss, adding that he felt like the Housemates did not take the Task Presentation seriously. “Stop guessing and start playing,” Eloswag said. He added that they need to put in the work and focus and that they are lovers, while Level 2 Housemates are fighters.

Another factor that came in was the lack of effective communication among the Housemates. This was raised by Dotun who maintained his calm while expressing himself.  Bella was extremely disappointed, adding that the House lost because all they are focused on is love and ships.

Chomzy on the other hand did not want to sugarcoat the truth. For her, the bottom line was important; they lost. She wanted her fellow Housemates to feel angry and channel that anger towards making sure that they win the next Task.  This disappointment was compounded by their last Task loss when they had to give Level 2 their cupcakes.

Hermes walked away from the group conversation when Chomzy was talking. At this point, they were comparing themselves with the other Housemates. When he came back, he was shouting at the Housemates about how stupid it is to compare themselves to other people. He was still on his streak of encouragement, emphasising that everyone did their best, and that is enough.

Hermes eventually apologised to Chomzy, and they hugged. Chomzy wants the group to focus on the game and not on being nice to each other and making friends. “This is a game,” she kept reiterating to her fellow Housemates.

Will the Housemates change their focus after losing the Wager?

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