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Baleka Mbete to lead new National Task Team of the ANCWL

Following its disbandment by the African National Congress (ANC), the ANC Women’s League now has a new National Task Team, led by National Convenor, Baleka Mbete.

Among the members who have been appointed to the NTT is Bathabile Dlamini, former President of the Women’s League, even though she was found guilty of perjury by the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court with regards to her testimony at an inquiry on the SASSA grants debacle in 2017.

ANC Women’s League president Bathabile Dlamini sentenced to 4 years imprisonment or a R200-000 fine

The NTT has defended her appointment, saying it will focus on the task at hand, making sure that the ANC Women’s League is rebuilt, ahead of its National Elective Conference.

The NTT briefed the media on the outcomes of its inaugural meeting, held in Boksburg on Monday.

The ANC Women’s League’s term of office came to an end, leading to the ANC National Executive Committee, appointing a new national task team.

This NTT will assist in establishing provincial, regional, and branch task teams, that will rebuild the Women’s League, ahead of its much anticipated National Elective Conference.

Mbete, as the National Convenor, will work with 14 other members of a National Working Task Team, which include, National Coordinator, Maropene Ramokgopa, and Maqueen Letsoha-Mathae as the National Fundraiser.

Mbete says, it was not an easy decision to accept this role, but, the work of the ANC Women’s League has to be done.

ANC women’s League NTT Convenor  Baleka Mbete  says: “When I was alone quietly, it had to be not what I preferred, it had to be there’s a task at hand and I’ve been called upon to play a role in leading the national task team that’s going to tackle this difficult work. It’s not going to be easy as you all correctly point out.”

The NTT spokesperson, Meokgo Matuba, says Bathabile Dlamini was appointed by the NEC, through the correct internal processes of the ANC

“Comrade Bathabile is also a member who’s been appointed through the same process, and we were appointed on, she was not imposed on us. And she is a member of the ANC Women’s League in good standing and any other issues that are pertaining to her in the organisation are best placed in the space of the African National Congress, not the women’s league, in the women’s league we are working together.”

Even though recently elected, the National Task Team of the ANC Women’s League says it will criss-cross the country and actually establish other task teams, that will assist in building up to that much anticipated national elective conference, with which the date is yet to be determined.


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