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Amber Ray’s new man wants her to cover up her body

By Achieng’ Mary, K24 Digital On Fri, 15 Jul, 2022 18:57 | 2 mins read

Kennedy Rapudo, the new boyfriend of Socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray’s has asked her to cover up her body.

In an Instagram story shared by the socialite, Amber who loves taking her fans through her shower routine is seen being covered up by her new man as she attempts to showcase her body to her fans.

Sasa nitatesa aje kwa mitandao hizi restrictions zote,” (how will I stun my online fans with all these restrictions?)

Amber Ray’s post. PHOTO(AmberRay)/Instagram.

Kennedy who is a businessman by profession has been spotted getting sultry with the socialite a number of times.

Amber Ray breaks up with IB Kabba

The controversial socialite publicly announced that she was dating Kennedy in June 2022 after a bitter break-up with her ex-lover IB Kabba.

At the time, the West African complained that Amber Ray was a toxic girlfriend, saying that the socialite was very insecure and that she used his phone to block people on Instagram.

“If you are doing something that is not right, then, you are like, ‘I want to be in control of their life. She got everything twisted, why would I want to control her life? She used to use my phone and block people on Instagram and I have never gotten into her phone,

“I don’t think everyone is surprised that Amber Ray has moved on, if I knew the kind of person she was from the start, I would have never been involved with her. I don’t regret what we had, but it seems that she has moved on many times before. People told me a few things about her and told me to search online for her stories but I was not that kind of person to do that, but if I did, I would have been more careful,” Kabba said at the time.

On June 1, 2022, IB Kabba took to Instagram to reveal that Amber Ray is a sex maniac. He said the socialite loved having quickies in a car and bush.

IB Kabba’s post. PHOTO/IB Kabba(@ib_kabba77)/Instagram.

“I feel sorry for anyone getting my ex. I hope you can clean her up tell her to take shower all the time and stop living fake life on social media and stop having s3x in the bushes and in the car. She really needs to grow up. Good luck to you X,” IB Kabba wrote.


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