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9 distinctive social media signs that show your ex is not over you

Break-ups are hard and navigating through the entire process is a story we will have to cover another day.

Let us discuss how annoying it can get when you find out that your ex posted a photo of both of you showing a trip you had taken while you were still dating some months back. Quite annoying to be honest!

How then shall you convince your friends or relatives who vividly remember the two of you had gone together, that the two of you are done and dusted?

Now, you could probably be on the verge of complete healing from what the two of you had but this post-break-up communication brings some unwanted memories that have to be dealt with afresh.

In the case this happens, how best would you solve this? Will you confront your ex and ask them to stop sharing or unfollow each other on social media pages?

If you fall in the category of people who are unsure if this has happened to them, then below are a few signs to look out for to know if your ex is seeking your attention through social media. The signs include:

Posting sad quotes

This is a very distinctive and sure sign that they want to fish for your attention on social media. It’s very funny how the communication is brought forward, so pay attention to the captions of an image or messages in the songs.

Skim through which quotes your ex is posting to figure out how they feel about you now. Is it a regret that they lost you, or are they sad they never got to tell you how over you they are?

Being honest about it

Another sign that your ex is doing something for attention is being bluntly honest about it. In fact, they might either tell it to you or share it with your mutual friends, or even start posting sad quotes and flashbacks to your relationship.

But saying openly you are not over someone is something completely different. If I was asked, I would believe them because just imagine how hard it is for them to say it out loud and not know whether you feel the same way.


If you want to get someone to notice you on social media, you start to gradually post about your life, which can end up as serious oversharing.

In fact, they might be posting about their private life, which you don’t really care about. But once they reach the topic of your relationship, you should hit the breaks.

Posting about your ex-relationship

It is not uncommon for people to post about their previous relationships on social media. This can be done positively, as it can be seen as closure and moving on.

However, this can also be done negatively, which can lead to the person being judged by others. In other words, by posting about their previous relationship, your ex might want others to judge you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Posting content related to you

What is even worse than posting content to engage with you is posting content about you. In other words, they might be tagging you or writing about you positively, all while putting you in an uncomfortable position.

In fact, you can’t ignore their post out of courtesy, but you also can’t like or comment on the post because it would break your no-contact rule.

Changing their online presence

Why is my ex changing their social media posts? It is possible that your ex is trying to make you jealous by posting pictures of themselves with other people or talking about their new life without you.

They can also post different kinds of content, like self-promotion or vlogging. It could also be that they are posting pictures of themselves in an attempt to get more followers or likes.

Showing off their new ‘soulmate’

While oversharing, your ex might try to make you feel a little jealous and, therefore, get your attention. They could even engage in a rebound relationship just trying to show off.

In fact, they have a new social media relationship and a soulmate who is the polar opposite of you. The main thing with these jealousy traps is that you don’t engage and show how angry or jealous it makes you.

Baiting you

Sometimes, your ex may try to tag you in sad posts or reach out to you in an attempt to make them feel better, you might fall into their trap, but thinking about it critically, they just want to get your attention.

They are using their sadness as a mask to get you back into a relationship. This mask can be fake depression, suicide, and not feeling themselves.

Enjoying life

The last sign to know if your ex is trying to lure you in for attention through social media is constantly posting about their new achievements. According to them, such posts will make you feel bad for not sticking around with such a person with so much success going on.

In conclusion, it is my hope that you will look out for the above signs and choose to do better. If you want to move on completely from your ex then, the signs highlighted will do the trick, also if you are still not over your ex, then consider the signs as a guide to understanding the message they are passing.


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