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6 engaging activities that will strengthen your  long distance relationship

By Njeri Wambui, K24 Digital On Mon, 11 Jul, 2022 06:00 | 4 mins read

Ensuring that your long-distance relationship works don’t have to be such a tiring task if you know what you want and what you’re doing. Truthfully, some days are easier and a majority of the time you miss your partner more than anything. 

With that in mind, some long-distance relationship activities can help you ease the pain and keep the love alive, despite the distance between you two.


These ideas will deepen your bond, help you get to know each other better and the best part is that you’ll have so much fun along the way. Below are a few long-distance relationship activities that will strengthen your connection and intimacy. They include:

1. Sleeping Together

I know, this sounds very odd in the sense that you technically cannot sleep next to your partner when you’re miles apart. Alternatively, what you can do is keep a video call on during the night and just peacefully sleep next to each other.

It is a good practice for when you start actually ‘sharing’ a bed every night. It’s a great way to tune in your sleeping schedules and to see if there’s an impact on the trust levels. The only limitation with sleeping together like this is different time zones.

2. Create goals for each other

Now it’s time to get a bit serious! Wouldn’t it be fun if both of you tried and planned each other’s lives? Like,create goals for your significant other and vice versa.


By this, I mean the short-term relationship goals, such as planning your next vacation but also about your career paths and important things like that. See where the conversation takes you!

3. Staying quiet

When you have the privilege to see your partner daily, the reality is that on some days you spend time doing and saying nothing while both of you are around. Well, if your goal is to reenact a typical relationship as much as possible, being quiet together should become a part of your routine.


Each party can do their daily chores with the video chat on, with this you can just peacefully stare at each other whatever suits you the best.

4. Engage in DIY projects

This is another great idea that will definitely make your bond stronger. Make DIY projects together! You can decide to work on the same project at the same time and compare them at the end. For example, things like art or decorations, turn it into a little competition!

With the help of social media, you can access tutorials easily for different DIY projects online you just have to find the one that fits you the best.


Another way is to turn these projects into surprises or anniversary gifts. Agree to make them but don’t tell each other exactly what you’re making. When you’re done, ship the final products to one another.

5. Schedule E-mails 

Here’s another fun way to make the distance more bearable: send each other scheduled emails. You could be at work, busy as hell but your partner will get a romantic email in which you’re telling them how much you love them. Isn’t that amazing?

You should all thank social media for the way you’re connecting with people all around the world! Your email could be accompanied but the attachment of photos you have taken together it will go a long way in spiking the bond in the relationship.

6. Netflix and chill

Both of you can binge-watch your favorite TV show on Netflix without either of you moving from your couches. Have a Zoom or FaceTime open while you watch it so that you can comment on the show and even see each other’s reactions.

What if you can’t synchronize your schedules? In that case, just agree on the TV show and the episode you’re watching and then later, when you’re both free, call each other and talk about it. That too works.


From the points above, one of the most common long-distance relationship problems lies in the fact that couples in such relationships don’t have a chance to get to know each other well. 

In order to prevent that from happening with your romance, it’s time to ask each other some deep questions and have fun at the same time. I hope these ideas will bring some more intimate time with your partner.


Jerry is a copy writer at African Alert [AFAL]. Aside from general news, Jerry is an experienced creator and web content expert who loves to spend his time telling African-centric stories, most times, in text.

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